Moringa powder - Vietnam Moringa

Moringa is a plant that contains many important minerals, rich in protein, vitamins, beta carotene, amino acid and many phenolic compounds. It also contains large amounts of anti-inflammatory agents, antibiotics, antitoxin, anti-cancer agents, and prostatic adenomas, stabilize blood pressure, lower cholesterol, protect the liver. Moringa leaf has more nutrients than its flower and fruit.


For all ages, postpartum women, children, the elderly need nutrition, anorexia…


- Prevent cancer, inhibit the growth of cancer cells;

- Helps stabilize brain circulatory system, stabilizes blood pressure, cardiovascular, enhances liver detoxification, diuretic, blood lipid reduction, etc.

- Improve health, strengthen the body's resistance;

- Providing vitamins, amino-acids and minerals necessary for the body, helping to prevent malnutrition in young children;

- Stimulating milk benefits for mothers after delivery;

- Skincare.


*Ingredients: 100% pure cold-drying leaf.

In 100 g of dried leaf powder there are: Calories 277.5; Protein 28.2%; 2.21% fat; Carbohydrate 36.2%, Fiber 19.2 g, Ca 278 mg, Fe (Iron) 24mg, Mg 403 mg, Na 46 mg, Mn 3.8 mg, Zn 2.4 mg, P 170.5 mg, K Vitamin B1 - thiamine 1.04 mg, vitamin B2 - riboflavin 0.07 mg, vitamin B3 - nicotinic acid 7.7 mg, vitamin B5 122 mg, vitamin B6 0.24 mg, Histidin 392 mg, Lysine 605 mg, Tryptophan 154.46 mg, Phenylanaline 887 mg, Methionine 51 mg, Threonine 722 mg, L-Leucine 60.5 mg, Isoleucine 1067 mg, Valine 789 mg.

*Objects to use:

- People want to supplement nutrition, improve resistance;

- Anorexia, stunting, malnutrition, low birth weight;

- Women who breastfeed after birth;

- Patients under treatment, the elderly need nutritional supplement;

- Dieters, vegetarians need nutrition.

*Manual instruction:

- Drink with warm water every day, drink after eating, can add sugar, milk, lemon as you like;

- Making cakes, coloring dishes, cooking powder, porridge for children;

- Mixing beverages, vitamins;

- Make face mask whitening treatment, reduce inflammation acne.


- Adults: use less than 5 grams / day (5g ~ 1/2 teaspoon);

- Children: Use less than 2 grams / day.

* Note: - Do not use evening and when you are hungry.

- Women who are pregnant and preparing for pregnancy should not be used.

Storage: Dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

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