Moringa capsule - Vietnam Moringa

MORINGA CAPSULE – 220.000 VND/ bottle of 120 capsules

Moringa capsule is made from 100% fresh leaves of cold dried leaves, almost keeping the nutrient content extremely rich.

There is support, prevent disease and excellent advantage when you want to use daily or carry away.

*Packing: 120 capsules, each containing 500mg of pure moringa powder.


- Raise the immune system, increase the resistance.

- Calcium supplement for children, postpartum women, the elderly.

- Protein supplement, vitamins necessary for vegetarians, bodybuilding.

- Improves the digestive system, stimulates eating, provides fiber similar to green vegetables.

- Prevention and suppression of cancer cell growth.

- Support to body detoxification (large doses).


- Drink after eating well, best used in breakfast and lunch.

- Each day adult can take from 4 to 6 capsule, child can take 2 – 4 capsule, divided into 2 times a day.

- Not use for women who are pregnant and planning for pregnancy.

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